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September 30 - October 1, 2015

Assuming you had to vote today, which 2016 GOP Candidates would you vote for?
Sample size: ± 898 Republicans
Margin of error: ± 3.30
Poll source | Gravis Marketing / One America News

Donald Trump poll Donald Trump
   test   34.70%  
Ben Carson poll Ben Carson
   test   17.20%  
Marco Rubio poll Marco Rubio
   test   10.80%  
Carly Fiorina poll Carly Fiorina
   test   8.80%  
Ted Cruz poll Ted Cruz
   test   7.30%  
Jeb Bush poll Jeb Bush
   test   6.90%  
Mike Huckabee poll Mike Huckabee
   test   4.50%  
John Kasich poll John Kasich
   test   3.10%  
Rand Paul poll Rand Paul
   test   2.50%  
Chris Christie poll Chris Christie
   test   2.30%  
Rick Santorum poll Rick Santorum
   test   1.40%  
Lindsey Graham poll Lindsey Graham
   test   0.30%  
George Pataki poll George Pataki
   test   0.20%  
Bobby Jindal poll Bobby Jindal
   test   0.10%  

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