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December 6-9, 2015

And, if a Republican primary for president were being held today, which one of the following candidates would you favor (RANDOMIZE :1-10)? (IF "NOT SURE," ASK:) Well, which way do you lean?
Sample size: ± 400 Republican Primary voters
Margin of error: ± 4.90
Poll source | NBC News / Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump poll Donald Trump
   test   27.00%  
Ted Cruz poll Ted Cruz
   test   22.00%  
Marco Rubio poll Marco Rubio
   test   15.00%  
Ben Carson poll Ben Carson
   test   11.00%  
Jeb Bush poll Jeb Bush
   test   7.00%  
Carly Fiorina poll Carly Fiorina
   test   5.00%  
Mike Huckabee poll Mike Huckabee
   test   3.00%  
Chris Christie poll Chris Christie
   test   3.00%  
Poll results Not Sure
   test   3.00%  
John Kasich poll John Kasich
   test   2.00%  
Rand Paul poll Rand Paul
   test   2.00%  

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