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February 22-28, 2016

Among registered Republicans, Trump has hit a new high, and he now commands the support of 40 percent of Republicans. Coming in second is Marco Rubio at 21 percent, and Ted Cruz is third with at 18 percent. Following a debate performance that many thought was his most aggressive, Rubio's support increased 5 percent in the last week, and his support is higher than it has ever been, but he still trails Trump by nearly two-to-one. Cruz continues to hold fast in third place, although his support slipped a percentage and the Texas senator's support is now the lowest it has ever been.
Sample size: ± 8,759 Republican registered voters
Margin of error: ± 1.00
Poll source | NBC News / Survey Monkey

Donald Trump poll Donald Trump
   test   40.00%  
Marco Rubio poll Marco Rubio
   test   21.00%  
Ted Cruz poll Ted Cruz
   test   18.00%  
Ben Carson poll Ben Carson
   test   8.00%  
John Kasich poll John Kasich
   test   7.00%  
Poll results Undecided
   test   6.00%  

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